Vivo V29 Pro Price In Nepal | Buy Or Not? View Full Details

Vivo V29 Pro Price In Nepal

Looking for the latest smartphone offering from Vivo? The Vivo V29 Pro is making waves in Nepal with its impressive features and sleek design.

But the question on everyone’s mind is the Vivo V29 Pro price in Nepal. This much-anticipated device brings together a stunning display, powerful camera setup, and fast-charging capabilities, catering to the needs of tech-savvy users.

Stay tuned as we dive into the details and unveil the Vivo V29 Pro’s price in Nepal, making it easier for you to decide on your next tech upgrade.

Vivo V29 Pro Price In Nepal:

Mobile NameRAM And Internal Storage Price In Nepal
Vivo V29 Pro8GB, 128GBRs.49,999 (Expected)
Vivo V29 Pro Price In Nepal Table.

Vivo V29 Pro Buy Or Not? View Pros And Cons:

Pros (Reasons to Buy)Cons (Reasons Not to Buy)
Impressive camera setup: High-resolution front and rear cameras offer diverse shooting modes and high-quality images.High Expected Price: The price may be a concern for budget-conscious buyers.
Fast-charging capability (80W): Ensures quick recharging for extended usage.Availability Concerns: Availability might be limited in certain regions or markets.
Stunning Display: Boasts a large 6.78-inch screen with a high refresh rate (120 Hz) and high resolution.Limited Internal Storage Options: It might not cater to users requiring larger storage capacities.
Versatile Connectivity: Supports Wi-Fi (2.4G, 5G), Bluetooth 5.3, Type-C USB, GPS, and OTG.Notable Weight: Weighs 188 grams, which might be slightly heavier for some users.
Sophisticated Design: Features a sleek glass body in attractive color options like Himalayan Blue and Space Black.Limited Color Variants: Despite being stylish, there might be a limited choice in colors.
Strong Battery Capacity: 4600 mAh ensures extended usage without compromising on performance.Limited Color Variants: Despite being stylish, there might be a limited choice in colors.
Advanced Sensors: Fingerprint, compass, proximity, accelerometer, ambient light, and gyroscope sensors enhance user experience.Availability of Certain Features: Some software features or functions might not be available or accessible.
Variety of Scene Modes: Provides diverse shooting modes for both front and rear cameras.Market Competition: There might be comparable options available from other brands at a lower price point.
Reliable Build: The glass body offers both durability and an elegant aesthetic.Potential Overwhelming Features: Users who seek simplicity might find the extensive features overwhelming.
Vivo V29 Pro Buy Or Not? View Pros Cons:

Vivo V29 Pro Full Specifications:

ModelV29 Pro
Battery capacity (mAh)4,600
Removable batteryNo
Fast charging80W (11V/7.3A)
Form factorTouchscreen
Body typeGlass
Dimensions (mm)164.10 x 74.80 x 7.40
Weight (g)188.00
ColoursHimalayan Blue, Space Black
Rear camera50-megapixel + 12-megapixel + 8-megapixel
No. of Rear Cameras3
Front camera50-megapixel
No. of Front Cameras1
Refresh Rate120 Hz
Screen size (inches)6.78
Resolution1260×2800 pixels
Operating systemAndroid 13
SkinFunTouch OS 13
Processor makeMediaTek Dimensity 8200
Internal storage256GB
Fingerprint sensorYes
Compass/ MagnetometerYes
Proximity sensorYes
Ambient light sensorYes
BluetoothYes, v 5.30
USB Type-CYes
Number of SIMs2
SIM TypeNano-SIM
4G/ LTEYes
4G/ LTEYes

The Vivo V29 Pro stands out with its sleek design and sophisticated features.

Crafted with a premium glass body, it exudes elegance and durability, elevating the smartphone experience.

Its dimensions of 164.10 x 74.80 x 7.40 mm strike a perfect balance between a spacious screen and a comfortably compact design, fitting snugly in your palm.

Weighing 188.00 grams, the Vivo V29 Pro is lightweight, ensuring ease of handling and portability without compromising on its sturdy build.

Available in captivating colours like Himalayan Blue and Space Black, this phone offers a touch of personal style, allowing users to choose the hue that resonates with their preferences.

The glass body not only contributes to the device’s aesthetic appeal but also adds a layer of sophistication, making it a statement piece. Combined with its dimensions, weight, and colour options, the Vivo V29 Pro promises a harmonious blend of style and functionality for its users.

Vivo V29 Pro Battery:

The Vivo V29 Pro boasts an impressive battery designed to keep up with the demands of modern-day smartphone usage. With a substantial 4600 mAh (typical) capacity, this battery ensures prolonged usage without compromising on performance.

What sets the Vivo V29 Pro apart is its lightning-fast charging capabilities. With an 80W fast charging feature delivering power at 11V/7.3A, users can swiftly recharge their device, significantly reducing downtime. This rapid charging technology allows for quick power top-ups, keeping you connected and on the go without lengthy interruptions.

The combination of a high-capacity battery and ultra-fast charging technology makes the Vivo V29 Pro a reliable companion for individuals seeking extended usage times and the convenience of rapid recharging, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted smartphone experience.

Vivo V29 Display:

Introducing the Vivo V29 Pro, a smartphone designed to redefine visual experiences with cutting-edge display technology.

Boasting a high refresh rate of 120 Hz, this device ensures a buttery-smooth interface, offering seamless transitions and incredibly responsive touch interactions.

With a generous 6.78-inch touchscreen, the Vivo V29 Pro provides an expansive canvas for immersive viewing, gaming, and multitasking.

The vivid display, with a resolution of 1260×2800 pixels, delivers stunning clarity and vibrant colours, rendering every image and video with exceptional detail.

The responsive touchscreen enhances user interaction, enabling effortless navigation and swift accessibility to apps and functions. Whether scrolling through content or engaging in mobile gaming, the high-quality display and the seamless touch response of the Vivo V29 Pro create an engaging and enjoyable user experience.

This device is crafted to meet the demands of modern users, offering a combination of a large, high-resolution screen and a rapid 120 Hz refresh rate, ensuring a visual treat for entertainment and productivity alike.

Vivo V29 pro Sensor:

The Vivo V29 Pro comes equipped with a suite of sensors that enhance user convenience and overall smartphone functionality.

Fingerprint Sensor:
For advanced security and quick access, the Vivo V29 Pro features a fingerprint sensor, allowing users to unlock their device swiftly and securely, keeping their data protected.

The inclusion of a compass or magnetometer ensures that users can accurately determine their device’s orientation and direction, making it ideal for navigation and location-based applications.

Proximity Sensor:
The proximity sensor in the Vivo V29 Pro detects when the phone is held close to the user’s face during a call, subsequently turning off the display to prevent accidental touches and save power.

With an accelerometer, the Vivo V29 Pro can detect and measure the phone’s acceleration, allowing for various functionalities such as screen orientation changes and gaming experiences that respond to movement.

Ambient Light Sensor:
The ambient light sensor optimizes the device’s display brightness based on the surrounding light conditions, offering an ideal viewing experience while conserving battery life.

The gyroscope in the Vivo V29 Pro measures and maintains the orientation and angular velocity of the device, enabling precise motion tracking for a variety of applications, including gaming and augmented reality.

The comprehensive array of sensors within the Vivo V29 Pro enhances user experience by providing security, accuracy, and added functionalities, ensuring a well-rounded and efficient smartphone experience.

Vivo V29 Camera:

The Vivo V29 Pro is a marvel in the realm of smartphone photography,

equipped with a powerful and versatile camera setup that empowers users to capture moments with incredible clarity and creativity.

Front Camera:
Boasting a remarkable 50 MP Auto Focus (AF) lens with an aperture of f/2.0, the front camera delivers stunning selfie shots,

ensuring detailed and vivid images even in challenging lighting conditions.

The high-resolution front camera offers various shooting modes, including Night, Portrait, Photo, Video,

Micro Movie, High Resolution, Dual View, Live Photo, enabling users to explore and capture moments from various perspectives.

Rear Camera:
The rear camera setup of the Vivo V29 Pro is truly impressive. It comprises a 50 MP main camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and an aperture of f/1.88, ensuring sharp and steady photos and videos.

Alongside the main camera, it features a 12 MP portrait lens with an aperture of f/1.98, delivering striking depth-of-field effects, and an 8 MP wide-angle lens with an aperture of f/2.2, allowing users to capture expansive landscapes and group photos with ease.

The rear camera setup also includes various scene modes such as Night, Portrait, Photo, Video, Micro Movie, High Resolution, Pano, Documents, Slo-mo, Time-Lapse, Supermoon, Astro, Pro, Food, Sports, Dual View, Live Photo, catering to diverse photography needs and preferences.

Flash and Sensors:
Equipped with a multispectral sensor, Rear Smart Aura Light, and a rear flash, the Vivo V29 Pro ensures enhanced image quality in various lighting conditions, providing users with the tools to capture stunning photos and videos.

Overall, the Vivo V29 Pro’s advanced camera system, both on the front and rear, combined with a variety of shooting modes and features, empowers users to unleash their creativity and capture every moment in incredible detail and clarity.

Vivo V29 pro Connectivity:

The Vivo V29 Pro is equipped with versatile connectivity options, ensuring seamless interactions and access to various networks and devices.

Supporting both 2.4G and 5G bands, the Vivo V29 Pro ensures faster and more reliable connections to Wi-Fi networks, providing users with flexible and high-speed internet access for browsing, streaming, and online activities.

Featuring Bluetooth 5.3 technology, the Vivo V29 Pro allows for efficient and stable connections with a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled devices. This version of Bluetooth offers improved data transfer speeds, broader coverage, and enhanced connectivity for peripherals like headphones, speakers, and other compatible gadgets.

The inclusion of a Type-C USB port in the Vivo V29 Pro allows for fast and convenient charging and data transfer. The Type-C connector offers reversible insertion, making it user-friendly and easily adaptable to various accessories and devices.

With GPS support, the Vivo V29 Pro ensures accurate and reliable location tracking and navigation, making it an ideal companion for various location-based apps and services.

OTG (On-The-Go):
The Vivo V29 Pro supports OTG functionality, enabling users to connect external USB drives, peripherals, and accessories directly to the phone, expanding its capabilities and usability.

The diverse connectivity features of the Vivo V29 Pro offer users a wide range of options to stay connected, share data, and interact with a variety of devices and networks, ensuring a comprehensive and versatile user experience.

Vivo V29 Price In Nepal

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