Oppo A2 Pro Price In Nepal | Buy Or Not? View Full Details

Oppo A2 Pro Price In Nepal

Looking for the latest details on the Oppo A2 Pro’s price in Nepal? This blog post provides comprehensive insights into the Oppo A2 Pro’s pricing in Nepal. For individuals in Nepal seeking to explore the cost of the Oppo A2 Pro, understanding its price details is crucial. Let’s delve into the expected pricing specifics and what the Oppo A2 Pro brings to the table for users in Nepal.

Mobile NameRAM and Internal storagePrice In Nepal (Expected)
Oppo A2 Pro8GB, 256GBRs.39,500
12GB, 256GBRs.44,000
12GB, 512GBRs.52,500

Oppo A2 Pro Price In Nepal Buy Or Not? View Pros And Cons.

Oppo A2 Pro Price in NepalBuy or Not Buy?
– Large RAM and Storage: 8GB/256GB or 12GB/512GB options– Potential higher cost for higher RAM/storage variants
– High-quality Display: 6.70-inch FHD+ resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate
– Powerful Processor: Octa-core processor ensuring smooth performance– Heavier weight of 190g may not suit some users
– Ample 5,000mAh Battery with 33W Fast Charging– Not recommended for users looking for a smaller or lighter phone
– Dual Rear Camera Setup: 64MP + 2MP for versatile photography– Availability of expandable storage may vary
– NFC, Bluetooth v5.3, Dual SIM Support for enhanced connectivity– Potential changes in expected specifications may affect decision-making

Oppo A2 Pro Full Specifications:

ModelA2 Pro
Battery capacity (mAh)5,000
Removable batteryNo
Fast charging33W Fast Charging
Dimensions (mm)162.70 x 74.30 x 8.00
Weight (g)190.00
Rear camera64-megapixel + 2-megapixel
No. of Rear Cameras2
Front camera8-megapixel
No. of Front Cameras1
Refresh Rate120 Hz
Resolution StandardFHD+
Screen size (inches)6.70
Resolution1080×2412 pixels
Operating systemAndroid 13
SkinColorOS 13.1
Internal storage256GB
Expandable storageYes
Expandable storage typemicroSD
BluetoothYes, v 5.30
Number of SIMs2
SIM TypeNano-SIM
4G/ LTEYes
SIM TypeNano-SIM
4G/ LTEYes

The Oppo A2 pro showcases a sleek, rounded rectangular design with a flat layout, providing a comfortable grip and modern aesthetic appeal.

Users can choose from three distinct color options, each offering its unique pattern on the back of the phone.

The black variant captivates with a captivating glittery finish, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance. On the other hand,

the green option features a lined pattern, providing a sophisticated and sleek visual appeal. Additionally,

the purple-colored variant displays charming frosty patterns on the back, contributing to an eye-catching and stylish design.

Furthermore, the Oppo A2 pro boasts an IP54 dust and water rating, ensuring a level of protection against dust and water splashes, enhancing the durability of the device.

The Oppo A2 Pro is 162.70 x 74.30 x 8.00 millimetres (mm) and weighs approximately 190.00 grams (g). These dimensions and weight specification outlines a relatively compact and lightweight build, ensuring a comfortable and manageable feel in hand while using the device.

Oppo A2 Pro Battery:

The Oppo A2 Pro has a non-removable 5,000mAh battery, offering ample power to keep your device running throughout the day. Additionally, it supports 33W Fast Charging, ensuring quick and efficient charging for minimal downtime and prolonged usage. The battery is non-removable means it’s securely built into the device and cannot be removed by the user. This specification, coupled with fast charging, guarantees a convenient and long-lasting mobile experience.

Oppo A2 Pro Display:

The Oppo A2 Pro boasts a vibrant 6.70-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080×2412 pixels, providing clear and detailed visuals.

Its FHD+ resolution standard ensures sharp image quality and vivid colors, making it ideal for various tasks, from browsing the web to enjoying multimedia content.

Additionally, the device features an impressive 120Hz refresh rate,

delivering smooth transitions and responsiveness, enhancing the overall user experience with seamless visuals and fluid interactions on the screen.

Oppo A2 Pro Hardware:

The Oppo A2 Pro excels in performance, housing an octa-core processor combined with 8GB of RAM and an expansive 256GB of internal storage. This powerful configuration ensures seamless multitasking and smooth operation for various applications, from gaming to productivity tasks. The octa-core processor is designed to handle intensive operations with efficiency, allowing users to experience swift and responsive performance.

The substantial 8GB of RAM complements the processor, enabling the device to manage multiple apps concurrently without sacrificing speed or causing lag. Users can seamlessly switch between applications or run demanding software with ease, ensuring a responsive and fluid user experience.

Storage concerns are a thing of the past with the Oppo A2 Pro‘s impressive 256GB internal storage capacity. This ample space provides ample room for storing an extensive collection of photos, videos, apps, and files without the worry of running out of space. Additionally, for those requiring even more storage, the device supports expandable storage via a microSD card, allowing users to further increase their storage capacity according to their needs.

The expandable storage feature, supported by a microSD card, ensures users have the flexibility to increase the device’s storage capacity beyond the built-in 256GB, accommodating larger media libraries, documents, and files. This versatility allows users to tailor their device’s storage according to their requirements,

making the Oppo A2 Pro an ideal choice for those needing abundant storage or looking for expansion options in the future. Overall, the combination of a potent processor, ample RAM, generous internal storage, and expandable storage options makes the Oppo A2 Pro a compelling and versatile choice for users seeking a powerful, adaptable smartphone experience.

Oppo A2 Pro Camera:

The Oppo A2 Pro impresses with its dual rear camera system featuring a 64-megapixel primary lens coupled with a 2-megapixel secondary lens.

This dual-camera setup enhances photographic capabilities, offering a versatile range of shooting options.

The main 64-megapixel lens ensures exceptional clarity, allowing users to capture vivid, high-resolution images with abundant detail.

It excels in producing sharp and vibrant shots, making it ideal for various scenarios,

from sweeping landscapes to intricate close-ups. Additionally,

the secondary 2-megapixel lens complements the primary sensor,

assisting in depth sensing and enabling features like portrait mode or enhanced depth-of-field effects.

On the front, the Oppo A2 Pro houses an 8-megapixel front-facing camera, providing users with an excellent tool for capturing selfies and engaging in video calls. The 8-megapixel front camera ensures clear and detailed self-portraits, perfect for social media sharing or personal photo collections. Its capabilities go beyond just selfies, enabling users to participate in high-quality video calls with friends, family, or colleagues. While the front camera sports a single lens, its optimization and resolution deliver satisfying results, capturing your best moments with clarity and precision.

Both the rear and front camera setups on the Oppo A2 Pro are designed to cater to diverse photography needs. From high-resolution rear camera shots to detailed selfies, this smartphone promises a range of options for users to explore their creativity and document their moments in high-quality imagery. The inclusion of a dual rear camera system and a well-equipped front-facing camera solidify the device as a versatile and compelling choice for photography enthusiasts and everyday users seeking quality visuals in their smartphone captures.

Oppo A2 Pro connectivity:

The Oppo A2 Pro offers a variety of connectivity features to ensure a comprehensive user experience:

Wi-Fi: The device supports Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to connect to wireless networks for internet access, whether at home, work, or in public places.

GPS: With GPS functionality, users can accurately determine their location, access mapping services, and navigate with ease.

Bluetooth v5.3: Bluetooth connectivity is available, providing support for wireless communication with other compatible devices, such as headphones, speakers, and more.

NFC (Near Field Communication): The inclusion of NFC technology allows for contactless transactions, data exchange, and device pairing, offering convenience and versatility in various applications like mobile payments and sharing data.

Dual SIM Support: The Oppo A2 Pro accommodates two SIM cards, enabling users to operate two separate phone numbers on the same device, providing flexibility for personal and professional use without the need for an additional phone.

These connectivity options ensure that the Oppo A2 Pro is well-equipped to facilitate seamless communication, data transfer, and diverse functionality, catering to a wide range of user needs and preferences.

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