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Itel A05s Price In Nepal

If you’re on the lookout for an affordable and feature-packed smartphone, the Itel A05s is worth considering, especially when it comes to budget-friendly options in Nepal. Today, let’s delve into the details of the Itel A05s, focusing on one key aspect that often tops the priority list for many potential buyers – the Itel A05s price in Nepal. Finding the right balance between performance and cost is crucial, and we’ll explore how this smartphone fits into that equation for the Nepali market.

Itel A05s Price In Nepal.

Price In India (Offical)RAM & Internal storagePrice In Nepal  (Expected)
INR 6,4992GB, 32GBNPR 10397

Itel A05s Full Specifications.

Battery capacity (mAh)4000
Form factorTouchscreen
ColoursCrystal Blue, Glorious Orange, Meadow Green, Nebula Black
Rear camera5-megapixel
No. of Rear Cameras1
Front camera5-megapixel
No. of Front Cameras1
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Resolution StandardHD+
Screen size (inches)6.60
Resolution1612×720 pixels
Pixels per inch (PPI)270
Operating systemAndroid 13
SkinGo Edition
Processor makeUnisoc SC9863A
Internal storage32GB
Expandable storageYes
Expandable storage typemicroSD
Expandable storage up to (GB)1000
Face unlockYes
Fingerprint sensorYes
USB Type-CYes
Number of SIMs2

The Itel A05s is not just about its sleek design and vibrant colour options, but it also boasts a reliable battery that keeps you connected throughout the day.

With a robust battery capacity of 4000mAh, this smartphone ensures that you have ample power to tackle your daily tasks without constantly worrying about running out of battery.

Whether you’re browsing the web, streaming videos, or engaging in social media, the Itel A05s is designed to provide a lasting and uninterrupted experience.

In terms of form factor, the Itel A05s features a user-friendly touchscreen interface, making navigation a breeze. The 9.18mm thickness adds to its slim profile, contributing to a comfortable grip and easy handling. This smartphone is not just a technological powerhouse but also a style statement with its array of captivating colours. Choose from Crystal Blue, Glorious Orange, Meadow Green, or Nebula Black to match your style and make a statement with your device.

The Crystal Blue option exudes a sense of sophistication, while Glorious Orange adds a vibrant and energetic touch. Meadow Green brings a natural and refreshing feel, and Nebula Black provides a classic and timeless choice. The Itel A05s goes beyond meeting your technological needs; it complements your lifestyle with its sleek design and diverse colour palette.

Itel A05s Display:

The Itel A05s is equipped with a display that ensures a smooth and clear visual experience.

With a refresh rate of 60 Hz, the screen provides a responsive feel, making interactions fluid and enjoyable.

The 6.60-inch touchscreen enhances the overall user experience, offering a generous canvas for various activities, from browsing to multimedia consumption.

In terms of resolution, the Itel A05s features an HD+ display with a resolution of 1612×720 pixels.

This resolution standard ensures crisp visuals and vibrant colors, making your content come to life on the screen.

The pixel density, measured in pixels per inch (PPI), stands at 270, contributing to sharp and detailed images. Whether you’re watching videos, playing games, or simply browsing, the Itel A05s delivers a visually pleasing experience with its well-balanced combination of screen size, resolution, and refresh rate.

Itel A05s Hardware:

Powering the Itel A05s is a robust octa-core processor, specifically the Unisoc SC9863A. This processor ensures smooth and efficient performance, allowing you to navigate through applications, multitask, and enjoy a responsive user experience. With 2GB of RAM, the Itel A05s provides enough memory to support seamless operations, making it well-suited for everyday tasks and applications.

In terms of storage, the Itel A05s comes with 32GB of internal storage, providing ample space for your apps, photos, and files. If you find yourself needing more storage space, the device offers expandable storage via a microSD card slot. You can boost your storage by up to 1000GB, giving you the flexibility to store a vast amount of data, including photos, videos, and additional applications.

This combination of an octa-core processor, 2GB RAM, and expandable storage options makes the Itel A05s a reliable and versatile device, catering to the needs of users who require a balance between performance and storage capacity. Whether you’re a casual user or someone who needs a bit more from their device, the Itel A05s is designed to deliver a smooth and accommodating mobile experience.

Itel A05s Camera:

The Itel A05s is equipped with a single yet capable rear camera, boasting a 5-megapixel resolution.

Despite being a solo lens, it captures clear and detailed shots, allowing you to document your moments with ease.

The simplicity of having one rear camera streamlines the photography process, making it user-friendly for those who appreciate straightforward functionality.

On the front side, the Itel A05s mirrors its rear counterpart with a 5-megapixel front camera.

This setup ensures that your selfies and video calls are as crisp and vibrant as your rear camera captures.

With just one rear and one front camera, the Itel A05s provides a fuss-free photography experience while still delivering decent image quality for your everyday needs. Whether you’re capturing memories or connecting with friends through video chats, the Itel A05s cameras offer a balanced and efficient solution for your photography needs.

Itel A05s Sensor:

The Itel A05s offers convenient and secure ways to unlock your device with both Face Unlock and a Fingerprint Sensor. The Face Unlock feature utilizes facial recognition technology, allowing you to unlock your phone effortlessly by simply looking at it. This provides a quick and hands-free method for accessing your device.

In addition to Face Unlock, the Itel A05s is equipped with a Fingerprint Sensor, adding an extra layer of security. The fingerprint sensor enables you to unlock your phone with a quick and accurate touch, ensuring that your device remains accessible only to you.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a Gyroscope enhances the overall user experience by enabling features such as motion sensing and orientation detection. This feature can be particularly useful for certain applications and functionalities, adding versatility to the Itel A05s.

With these advanced security features and additional functionalities like the Gyroscope, the Itel A05s provides a well-rounded and user-friendly experience, catering to users who prioritize both security and convenience in their mobile devices.

Itel A05s Connectivity:

The Itel A05s is equipped with a range of connectivity options, making it versatile for various needs. It supports Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect to wireless networks for internet access and other online activities. Additionally, the inclusion of GPS ensures accurate location tracking, making navigation and location-based services convenient and reliable.

Bluetooth is also available on the Itel A05s, facilitating wireless communication with other compatible devices, such as headphones, speakers, and other smartphones. The presence of USB Type-C enhances the device’s connectivity, offering a reversible and efficient way to charge the phone and transfer data.

For audio connectivity, the Itel A05s features a 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing you to use your favorite wired headphones with ease. This classic audio port ensures compatibility with a wide range of headphones and audio accessories.

The Itel A05s supports dual SIM cards, providing the flexibility to use two different phone numbers on the same device. This can be particularly useful for individuals who want to separate work and personal contacts or use different carriers for various purposes.

With these connectivity features, the Itel A05s is well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of users, offering a comprehensive set of options for communication, navigation, and entertainment.

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