iPhone Mobile Price In Nepal

Looking for the latest scoop on iPhone prices in Nepal? You’re in the right place! In this post, we’ll break down the current iPhone mobile prices in Nepal, giving you a comprehensive overview of the options available in the market. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just on the lookout for a new smartphone, understanding the iPhone mobile price in Nepal is essential for making an informed decision. Let’s dive into the details and explore the exciting world of iPhones in the Nepalese market.

iPhone Price In Nepal. (Price List)

Mobile NameInternal StoragePrice In Nepal
iPhone 15128GBRs.157,499
iPhone 15256GBRs.176,499
iPhone 15512GBRs.214,499
iPhone 15 Pro128GBRs.195,499
iPhone 15 Pro256GBRs.214,499
iPhone 15 Pro512GBRs.253,499
iPhone 15 Pro1TBRs.290,499
iPhone 15 Pro Max256GBRs.233,499
iPhone 15 Pro Max512GBRs.271,499
iPhone 15 Pro Max1TBRs.309,499
iPhone 15 Plus128GBRs. 176,499
iPhone 15 Plus256GBRs. 195,499
iPhone 15 Plus512GBRs. 233,499
iPhone 14128GBRs.125,500
iPhone 14 Pro128GBRs.172,990              
iPhone 14 Pro256GBRs.191,990
iPhone 14 Pro512GBRs.228,990
iPhone 14 Pro1TBRs.266,990
iPhone 14 Pro Max128GBRs.191,990
iPhone 14 Pro Max256GBRs.210,990
iPhone 14 Pro Max512GBRs.247,990
iPhone 14 Pro Max1TBRs.285,990
iPhone 13 Mini128GBRs. 120,990
iPhone 13 Mini256GBRs. 137,990
iPhone 13 Mini512GBRs. 171,990
iPhone 13128GBRs. 137,990
iPhone 13256GBRs. 154,990
iPhone 13512GBRs. 154,990
iPhone 13 Pro128GBRs. 174,990
iPhone 13 Pro256GBRs. 189,990
iPhone 13 Pro512GBRs. 224,990
iPhone 13 Pro 1TBRs. 255,990
iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GBRs. 189,990
iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GBRs. 205,990
iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GBRs. 239,990
iPhone 13 Pro Max (1TBRs. 274,990
iPhone 11 64GBRs.86,900
iPhone 11 128GBRs.94,900
iPhone 1264GBRs.120,900  
iPhone 12128GBRs.128,900  
iPhone 12256GBRs.144,900