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Cost of Mobile in Nepal

Xiaomi Mobile Price In Nepal. (Price List)

Mobile NameRAM Internal StoragePrice In Nepal
Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus8GB256GBNPR 43,999 New
Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus12GB512GBNPR 47,999 New
Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus16GB512GBNPR 49,999 New
Redmi Note 13 Pro8GB128GBNPR 32,999 New
Redmi Note 13 Pro8GB256GBNPR 34,999 New
Redmi Note 13 Pro12GB256GBNPR 38,999 New
Redmi Note 13 Pro12GB512GBNPR 43,999 New
Xiaomi 11T Pro8GB128GB95,000 New
Xiaomi 11T Pro 8GB256GB103,000 New
Xiaomi 11T Pro12GB256GB110,000   New
Xiaomi 11T8GB256GB`
Xiaomi 11T8GB128GB75,000 New
Xiaomi 11 Lite NE  8GB 128GB Rs.45,999 New  
Xiaomi 11 Lite NE  8GB 256GB Rs.48,999 New 
Redmi 10 Prime 6GB 128GB Rs.23,999 New
Redmi 10 Prime 4GB 64GB Rs.20,999 New 
Redmi 9C2G32GBRs.12,999  
Redmi 9C3GB64GBRs.14,999  
Redmi 9C4GB128GBRs.16,999  
Redmi 9A 2GB32GBRs.11,999  
Redmi 9 Power 9T4GB64GBRs.12,999  
Redmi 9 Power 9T4GB128GBRs.20,999  
Redmi Note 10s 6GB64GBRs.25,999 
Redmi Note 10s 6GB128GBRs.27,999  
Redmi Note 10s 8GB128GBRs.29,999  
Redmi Note 10 Pro 6GB64GBRs.29,999  
Redmi Note 10 Pro6GB128GBRs.33,999  
Redmi Note 10 Pro8GB128GBRs.36,999  
Mi 11 Lite6GB128GBRs.34,999  
Mi 11X Pro8GB128GBRs.64,999
Mi 11X Pro8GB256GBRs.67,999
Mi 118GB256GBRs.89,999  

iPhone Price In Nepal. (Price List)

Mobile NameInternal StoragePrice In Nepal
iPhone 13 Mini128GBRs. 120,990 New 
iPhone 13 Mini256GBRs. 137,990 New
iPhone 13 Mini512GBRs. 171,990 New 
iPhone 13128GBRs. 137,990 New
iPhone 13256GBRs. 154,990 New
iPhone 13512GBRs. 154,990 New 
iPhone 13 Pro128GBRs. 174,990 New
iPhone 13 Pro256GBRs. 189,990 New 
iPhone 13 Pro512GBRs. 224,990 New
iPhone 13 Pro 1TBRs. 255,990 New
iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GBRs. 189,990 New
iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GBRs. 205,990 New
iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GBRs. 239,990 New
iPhone 13 Pro Max (1TBRs. 274,990 New
iPhone 11 64GBRs.86,900
iPhone 11 128GBRs.94,900
iPhone 1264GBRs.120,900  
iPhone 12128GBRs.128,900  
iPhone 12256GBRs.144,900

Samsung Mobile Price In Nepal.(Price List)

Mobile NameRAMInternal StoragePrice In Nepal
Galaxy M01 Core1GB16GBRs.8,399
Galaxy M01 Core2GB32GBRs.9,999
Galaxy M022GB32GBRs.11,999  
Galaxy M023GB32GBRs.12,999
Galaxy M02s 3GB32GBRs.14,499  
Galaxy M02s 4GB64GBRs.15,999  
Galaxy A03s3GB32GBRs.15,499  
Galaxy A03s4GB64GBRs.16,999  
Galaxy A12 4GB64GBRs.18,999
Galaxy A12 4GB128GBRs.19,999
Galaxy A12 Exynos4GB128GBRs.19,999
Galaxy M124GB64GBRs.18,499  
Galaxy M126GB128GBRs.22,499  
Galaxy F224GB64GBRs.20,499  
Galaxy F226GB128GBRs.23,999  
Galaxy A226GB128GBRs.27,999
Galaxy M324GB64GBRs.24,999  
Galaxy M326GB128GBRs.27,999  
Galaxy A326GB128GBRs.31,999  
Galaxy A328GB128GBRs.34,999  
Galaxy F42 5G6GB128GBRs.31,999
Galaxy F42 5G8GB128GBRs.34,999
Galaxy M62 6GB128GBRs.39,999  
Galaxy M62 8GB128GBRs.42,999  
Galaxy M526GB128GBRs.42,999
Galaxy M52 8GB128GBRs.45,999
Galaxy A528GB128GBRs.41,999  
Galaxy A52s6GB128GBRs.53,999  
Galaxy A52s8GB128GBRs.55,999  
Galaxy A728GB128GBRs.51,999  
Galaxy A728GB256GBRs.56,999  
Galaxy S20 FE8GB128GBRs.69,999  
Galaxy S20 FE8GB256GBRs.74,999  
Galaxy S20+128GBRs.94,999 
Galaxy Note 20256GBRs.1,09,999 
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra128GBRs.1,39,999 
Galaxy S21256GBRs.1,09,999  
Galaxy S21+256GBRs.1,29,999  
Galaxy S21 Ultra256GBRs.1,54,999 
Galaxy Z Fold 2256GBRs.2,09,999
Galaxy Z Flip 3128GBRs.124,999 New
Galaxy Z Flip 3256GBRs.2,19,999 New

Realme Mobile Price In Nepal (Price List)

Mobile NameRAMInternal StoragePrice In Nepal
Realme Narzo 50i 2GB32GBRs.12,999 New
Realme Narzo 50i 4GB64GBRs.15,499 New
Realme Narzo 50A 4GB64GBRs.19,499 New
Realme Narzo 50A 4GB128GBRs.21,199 New
Realme GT Neo 28GB128GBRs.54,199 New
Realme GT Neo 212GB256GBRs.60,999 New
Realme 86GB128GBRs.28,799  
Realme 88GB128GBRs.30,499  
Realme 8i 4GB64GBRs.23,799 
Realme 8i 6GB128GBRs.27,199  
Realme C11 20212GB32GBRs.12,999
Realme C11 20214GB64GBRs.15,499  
Realme C202GB32GBRs.12,849  
Realme C214GB64GBRs.16,999  
Realme C21Y 3GB32GBRs.15,399
Realme C21Y4GB64GBRs.17,099  

Oppo Mobile Price in Nepal (Price List)

Mobile NameRAM Internal StoragePrice In Nepal
Oppo A163GB32GBRs.18,990 New
Oppo A544GB128GBRs.25,990 New
OPPO A1k2GB32GBRs.15,490
Oppo A123GB32GBRs.14,990  
Oppo A12 4GB64GBRs.20,790  
Oppo A153GB32GBRs.18,590  
Oppo A15s4GB64GBRs.21,990  
Oppo A5 2020 3GB64GBRs.22,990
Oppo A5 2020 4GB128GBRs.25,490
Oppo A314GB128GBRs.26,590  
Oppo A524GB128GBRs.29,990  
Oppo A534GB64GBRs.22,990  
Oppo A9 20208GB128GBRs.33,590
Oppo F158GB128GBRs.39,990  
Oppo F176GB128GBRs.33,990  
Oppo F17 Pro8GB128GBRs.43,990  
Oppo F196GB128GBRs.31,990  
Oppo F19 Pro8GB128GBRs.41,990  
Oppo Reno 3 8GB128GBRs.46,990  

Vivo Mobile Price In Nepal (Price List)

Mobile Name RAM  Internal StoragePrice In Nepal
Vivo Y1sRs.13,599 (New)
Vivo Y15s3GB 64GBRs.19,999 (New)
Vivo Y53s 8GB 128GBRs.34,999 (New)
Vivo V21 SE Rs.39,999 (New)
Vivo V21 Rs.49,999 (New)
Vivo Y91c 2020Rs.12,999  
Vivo Y11Rs.17,499
Vivo Y12sRs.17,999  
Vivo Y20 3GB 64GBRs.19,990   
Vivo Y20 4GB 64GBRs.22,799
Vivo Y20s4GB 128GBRs.25,999  
Vivo Y304GB 64GBRs.23,499  
Vivo Y304GB 128GBRs.25,999  
Vivo Y518GB 128GBRs.33,499  
Vivo V19Rs.45,999
Vivo V20 SE Rs.34,999  
Vivo V20 Rs.44,990

Nokia Mobile Price In Nepal. (Price List)

Mobile Name RAMInternal StoragePrice In Nepal
Nokia C11GB16GBRs. 7,199
Nokia C1 2nd Gen1GB16GBRs. 7,699
Nokia C1 Plus 1GB16GBRs. 8,399
Nokia C2 1GB16GBRs. 9,299
Nokia C20 1GB16GBRs. 9,999
Nokia C20 2GB32GBRs. 10,999
Nokia 1.42GB32GBRs. 12,899
Nokia 1.43GB64GBRs. 13,999
Nokia C302GB32GBRs. 12,999
Nokia G104GB64GBRs. 16,999
Nokia G20 4GB64GBRs.19,999

Huawei Mobile Price In Nepal. (Price List)

Mobile NameRAM & Internal StoragePrice In Nepal
Huawei Mate 30 Pro 8GB & 256GBRs.129,900
Huawei P40 Pro8GB & 256GBRs. 129,990